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Sunday, October 14th 2018 7:35 am
What should you do if you plan to buy a home?The very first step in buying a home is to determine if you are qualified!If you save enough money, you may decide to pay cash for the transaction; this the easiest and quickest way to buy a home! If you do not have cash, you have to get nat least a credi [Read More]
Friday, October 12th 2018 11:34 pm
Eshopyes, LLC.2800 W Oakland Park Blvd Suite 307Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311Website:www.eflahomes.comOffice Phone: 954-353-1167Mobile: 954 548 1600How a home seeke can locate the home of his dreams in South Florida using our corporate website! Here are the steps:1. Log on towww.eflahomes.com2. Sig [Read More]
Wednesday, October 10th 2018 8:07 am
Eshopyes, LLC. (E- Shop? Yes!)2800 W Oakland Park Blvd. Suite 307Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311Nou se Eshopyes, LLC, you konpayi imobilye nan Sid Florid! lNou ka ede w vann, achte oswa lwe nenpt pwopriyete rezidansyl nan Sid Florid la!Tanpri konekte nan: epi enskri e kreye yon kont [Read More]
Sunday, September 16th 2018 9:04 pm (Eshop yes dot com)We are eshopyes,LLC.2800 W Oakland Park Blvd Suite 307Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311 w954-548-1600Direction: I 95 North exit on West Oakland park boulevard pass 26 Ave make a left on 28 Ave building will be on your left hand sideOur DepartmentsA- South Florida Re [Read More]
Friday, August 31st 2018 9:00 am
The question is this:When is it a contract?When you find your property, you are looking for, your real estate agent.will presentYour bid that includes all your requirements, as well as the amount of the deposit you deposit in a local title company.Your bid becomes a contract when the seller accepts [Read More]
Friday, June 22nd 2018 5:23 am
Contingency clauses in a real estate contractThere are 3 main contingency clauses in a real estate contract when you consider the term finance!What is a contingency clause in a real estate contract?The contingency clause represents an action or condition that must be fulfilled for a real estate cont [Read More]
Tuesday, April 10th 2018 5:52 am
About us?We are a team of professionalswith integrity, honesty and knowledge in the real estate industry in the sunny state of Florida. Our real estate brokerage firm is Expert Real Estate & Tax Services, LLC.We are located at the following address:2758 W Atlantic Blvd # 1 Pompano Beach, Florida 330 [Read More]
Friday, April 6th 2018 9:54 am
Los trminos de financiamiento en el proceso de comprar una casa en Florida son:EfectivoConvencionalFHAEl ms fcil es efectivo; cuando compra una casa en efectivo, debe tener una cuenta en un banco en el estado de Florida. Antes de que su oferta pueda ser aceptada, el vendedor a travs de su agente de [Read More]
Friday, April 6th 2018 9:05 am
The financing conditions in the process of buying a house Florida are the following:CashConventionalFHAThe easiest one is cash. - ; When you buy a house in cash, you must have an account at a bank in the state of Florida. Before your offer can be accepted, the seller, through his listing agent, will [Read More]
Sunday, November 26th 2017 3:26 am
What is a Tax return?Ataxreturnis a reportfiled with state or federal governmentsthat disclosestaxpayers'liability basedon their yearly income.Threre are Three outcomes are possible from filing ataxreturn:The first out come , the taxpayers may have been overchargedThe second outcome, the taxpayers m [Read More]